Purchasing Test Credits

Purchase Test Credits

  1. Test Credits can be purchased in any quantity using any major credit card never expire. 
  2. Each test credit allows you to take either a Baseline or an After Injury test.
  3. A Baseline test credit is considered used/complete after you generate an acceptable Baseline test report. If after taking a Baseline test you receive a “Try Again” message, you can take the test free of charge as many times as needed, until you produce a result with a green check (). Acceptable Baseline test results are typically generated after taking a free Practice test and one Baseline test.
  4. An After Injury Test Credit is considered used/completed after you return to Baseline level and receive the green checkmark (). You may retake the After Injury test as many times as necessary, until that occurs.
  5. To share Test Credits with another party, you will convert them into Vouchers. After your purchase, you will receive an email with instructions on how to convert Test Credits into Vouchers.
  6. Test credits can be used by one individual, or distributed to any number of Athletes. Just remember that one test credit equals an opportunity to take one test.
  7. Purchase Test Credits
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