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Share Your Baseline Test Results with Parents/Guardians, Doctors, and Coaches

Cogstate has made it convenient for you to share your Baseline test results with your Parent/Guardian, Family Physician, Coach, Athletic Trainer and/or Athletic Director. After you’ve completed an acceptable Baseline test, here are three easy options for communication:

  1. Log In to your Cogstate account. Under the Share Results section in the Menu, type in the email address for the organization or individual you would like to share your results with. The organization or individual will receive an email from us notifying them of access to your test results.
  2. Send an email and attach the electronic copy (PDF) of your test results.
  3. Log In to your Cogstate account and select Test Results from the Menu. Select the test results that you would like to see and click the Report button.  Print a copy of your test results and send it with an explanatory letter

Send an explanatory email

Sample letter

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