When it comes to concussions and head injuries, helping coaches know what to look for so they can get a player off the field is imperative. Many states and some interscholastic associations are now mandating coaches education as part of their concussion management laws/policies.  Here are some options for consideration:

Ahead of the Game toolkit is filled with ideas and documents to help you put together a best-practice concussion management program. Register or log in to access this Account Tool account.cfm

Michigan Neurosport
Michigan Neurosport offers separate online training for high school and youth coaches. In these 20 minute courses, you'll learn how to recognize a concussion, and what to do if one of your players gets a concussion. You'll also hear from NeuroSport Director Jeffrey Kutcher, M.D., and review the BRAIN protocol for recovery and return to play after a concussion. Find it at

National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS)
This popular online course from the NFHS, Concussion in Sports-What You Need to Know, is endorsed by the Center for Disease Control’s (CDC). It provides a guide to understanding, recognizing and properly managing concussions in high school sports. It is available at

The Center for Disease Control (CDC)
The CDC offers many online tools for youth and high school coaches, including this 30-minute course that contains important information on preventing, recognizing, and responding to a concussion. It’s available at

Concussion Wise
ConcussionWise PRO is a free online course developed specifically for coaches by Sport Safety International. At the completion of the course, viewers will receive a completion certificate. These programs have been peer-reviewed and are consistent with the latest science and practical applications regarding the prevention and management of concussion. Available at

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