What's New - School

  • The first time you log in to your secure account you'll be prompted to create a user ID. Future visits will require a combination of either your email address or user ID and your password.
  • We've simplified parental consent by presuming consent when your student-Athlete accepts a voucher from your school. The school's Fair Use agreement covers your student-Athlete's use of the Internet, and Cogstate in turn presumes parental consent for the Cogstate CCAT. This feature differentiates the account type from a League/Club.
  • We've added parental consent to the Baseline Roster. Now in one report, you can quickly tell which Athletes need new or updated Baseline tests or parental consent.
  • As a registered account holder, you have full access to our Ahead of the Game toolkit. This practical resource allows you to customize and download items to improve the effectiveness of your concussion management program design, delivery, and discussions.
  • Our Share With Staff feature now allows you to select which Athletes you share with staff members.
  • As an alternative to sharing test results with you, Athletes can now print Certificates of Completion and share them with designated representatives.
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